Our Dams


Katniss Snow Pic.jpg

Katniss is the daughter of Moana (retired) and Mowgli (bred by Middle Tennessee Pomskies). She is 56% Husky, 44% Pomeranian.  She has beautiful traditional Husky markings and startling blue eyes.  Super intelligent, she loves to play fetch and get belly rubs. Katniss should be expecting a new litter in winter 2020.


Phoebe Snow Pic.jpg

Phoebe is an F2b Pomsky, the daughter of Phoenix  (Retired) and Sarge. Born in February 2019, we will begin breeding her in 2020 for mini Pomskies. Phoebe is 9 lbs of adorable, loves her stuffed animals and can jump like a jack rabbit! Phoebe is a great little mama and is so sweet with her babies!


Mimi Snow Pic.jpg

Mimi is a 50/50 Pomsky with bi-eyes and a gorgeous fawn sable coat. She has had puppies that are wolf sable, fawn sable and black and white. This quirky girl has a sense of humor, loves her puppies and loves to get attention from her people. We love her unique coat and fun personality!

Upcoming Dams

We have two new additions to our pack: Raven, a PomskyX (Husky/Pomeranian/American Eskimo) and Sassy, a Pomskimo (Pomeranian/American Eskimo). These girls are sweetly tempered and will be great mamas for SMP soon!

We also have two females that we bred here at SMP that will be ready for breeding in 2021. We are so excited for Caiti (daughter of Jedi and Sarge) and Truvy (daughter of Nova and George) to be new mamas next year!


Smoky Mountain Pomskies are co-owners of three little Pomeranian studs, George, and Bowser and a 50/50 Pomsky stud, Leon.  We also have a 50/50 Pomsky stud, Sarge, and a 25/75 stud, Charlie,  who were  both born and raised here at SMP.

Our affiliates at Middle Tennessee Pomskies also allow us to use their stud "Houdini".

Sire: George
Sarge Snow Pic.jpg
Sire: Leon
Sire: Charlie


Houdini snow pic.jpg