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Bowie, the Hero Dog!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Hello all! I just received a text from one of my owners that gave me chills and I wanted to share this with you.

One of our puppies, Bowie (fka Schnapps) is almost six months old. He is a super smart and very special puppy...and now, even more so...this scary experience shows us how amazing Pomskies can be, and how blessed Bowie and his family are tonight.

From the owner:

Hi Jennifer,

Just want you to know how incredible Bowie is. 3:30 in the morning I had an electrical fire in my ac/heater unit outside. One foot from my bedroom window. I didn't hear the fire detector. Bowie can't jump on my bed, but this morning he made it up on the bed and started licking

my face which woke me up and I smelled the smoke, which was coming into the house thru the air vents. I called 911 and grabbed Bowie, put him in my car and moved the car to neighbors driveway. The cat was hiding. Firemen found where the smoke was coming from and extinguished the fire outside my bedroom window. Bowie is my hero, he saved my life. Otherwise, I feel like I would of died from smoke inhalation. I feel really lucky he is in my life. He is my hero dog. We, Bowie and cat and me are all okay. He is an incredible, smart pup.

Bowie is one of our wolf sables, his parents are Nova and George. He has learned extremely quickly, even by Pomsky standards for learning. His owner has been amazed at all of the things that he does at such a young age. We are so grateful that Bowie was able to figure out a way to warn his owner of the danger that she was in that night!

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