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🐾Kids Can Help With Your Pomsky Too!🐕

HOW YOUR KIDS CAN HELP... Are you ever too busy working to give your puppy/dog the attention they need? If you have kids, your problem is solved. Here is a list of things you can tell your kids to do to help.

PLAYING* Playing is an easy way to entertain your kids and your puppies. Either if it is a beautiful day outside, or a rainy day. Grab some toys, and go play! As my grandma says, "Go out and blow the stink off!"

FEEDING* At some point your puppy is going to be hungry. Teach your kids how much to feed the puppy and the feeding schedule. If your puppy does not like puppy food, I recommend to put in puppy mousse (It is a thing). Puppy mousse helps with the flavor of the puppy food so it does not taste plain to your puppy.

CLEANING* Puppies get dirty, but also get your house dirty (sometimes, at least). This is normal. Your kid can help by first, cleaning up the pee and poop. If your kid refuses, tell them to get a grip, some gloves, a Pooper Scooper, paper towels, and miracle spray! Then tell them to clean it up, no biggie! After that is done, it is time to clean the puppy. Ask your kid to bathe the puppy using shampoo. Rinse with water, then, dry off. When your kid has done that, they need to comb out it’s fur using a rake comb made for dogs. Kids can also help by vacuuming up the furballs that collect around the house sometimes!

TAKING OUT* Even dogs need a refreshing walk outside. If it is a beautiful spring day and you spot your kid playing video games, here is an idea of what to ask them to do to help. Take out the puppy. Give your kid a leash to walk the puppy. Have your kid let the puppy do its business, then play and run around. Both the puppy and the kids will benefit from getting some fresh air!

LOVE AND RESPECT* That is the list of things your kids can do to help take care of your puppy. I hope this will help you, your puppy, and even your kid! But, the most important thing of all is to make sure your kid takes care of the puppy with love and respect or else, the puppy will grow up to be a mean dog, and no one wants that!

~Ashleigh Turner, age 10♥

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