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Meet the Turner Family!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Hi there! We are the Turner family, otherwise known as "Smoky Mountain Pomskies". We began our Pomsky journey in 2014 with Lucy, our 50/50 Pomsky. Our first F1 litter was born with Husky x Pomeranian parents in June 2015. We have six kids, five live at home. Our kids help us with the socialization of our puppies. Our puppies are whelped inside our home and grow up right alongside our kids. This is especially great because our family is able to watch them be born and grow, and the puppies are handled by us right from the start! We love our furry babies and their parents! It is not unusual for our kids to go "steal" a puppy to hold while watching t.v., playing, or doing their homework.

A family cause that is especially near and dear to our hearts is Autism Awareness. Our teenage son has moderate/severe level Autism, and we love how he interacts with our dogs. They help to calm him and he loves to watch them play, talk to them, and hang out with them.

Our family loves to spend time together. We swim, play with the dogs, watch movies, and travel when we have a chance. We love the beach and Disney World, and taking little road trips to interesting locations. Sometimes, when we deliver our puppies around the United States, some of our kids get to come with us. They love puppy delivery trips - meeting new people and seeing new places!

We work hard to ensure that our puppies are healthy, happy, and ready to be a part of your family! Smoky Mountain Pomskies is truly a full family endeavor - your puppy is going from our hands to yours, and we remember them all! If you are looking to add a furry member to your family, contact us today! We are busy preparing your puppy to come home to you!

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